Principles and Beliefs of Early Friends

 A Look at Some Core Understandings

Henry Jason spoke on this topic at the Marlborough Meetinghouse on Saturday 10/21/2017.

Henry is a retired Speech and Language Pathologist with a longtime interest in early Christianity and early Quakerism. He also has a background in linguistics, Slavic languages and the classical languages of Greek and Latin. Henry’s piercing insights into the meanings of various biblical Greek and 17th century English words and concepts validate traditional Quaker interpretations of authentic Christianity. 

We have audio and video of this event. Unfortunately, we are quite inexperienced with video recordings and this version has several shortcomings. The video does not synchronize well with the audio and there are several video gaps. We recommend downloading and using the audio version. But whether you just listen to the audio, or watch the video, do not let the shortcomings of the medium get in the way of Henry’s excellent message.

Please be aware that this is a rather long presentation. It runs almost two hours.

Video of Henry Jason's Talk

Download the audio version here.  

Download an outline of the talk here.