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The Marlborough Burial Ground

Simplicity has always been an important testimony for Quakers. This is even reflected in their graveyards. In the very beginning, Friends were buried in unmarked graves. Later, it seemed more practical to place a small stone to indicate the location of an interment. In more recent years, slightly larger markers have appeared in some places, but even today a Quaker graveyard rarely has the large monuments seen elsewhere.

Marlborough has a few gravestones that are large by Quaker standards and even has one crypt. This is a departure from the practices of Friends and is not expected to be repeated.

The Marlborough graveyard also has a significant number of unmarked graves, recalling the earliest Quaker traditions. Some have wondered if a monument could be erected for a relative or historical figure. We believe that the best way to honor the deceased is to respect their convictions and leave their final resting place as they preferred.

Gravesites for particular individuals can be located using charts available on this website. Refer to the simple sketch on the left, then click here for a list of names, or here to identify gravesites by location

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